Federal Stafford Loans

Federal Stafford Loans are a form of federal student loans for undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in college at least half time. Stafford Loans carry a fixed interest rate, and are typically the most affordable type of student loans. Learn more about Stafford Loans.

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Stafford Loans for
Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Stafford loans have a fixed interest rate of 4.66%. Stafford loans can be used to pay tuition and other school expenses.

Stafford Loans for
Graduate Students

Graduate Stafford loans are available for students attending grad school at least half time. Students can borrow up to $20,500 per school year.

Federal Stafford Loan Repayment

After graduation, don't forget about your federal student loans. Research your repayment options to find out if you quality for forgiveness, forbearance or deferment. Teachers, counselors and other public service professionals may qualify for Stafford Loan forgiveness programs. Have you considered loan consolidation? When you consolidate your federal loans, you can lock in today's low rates and combine multiple loans into one lower monthly payment.

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