International Student Loan Programs

There are generally three types of international student loan programs:

Loans for US students studying abroad

These include US students enrolled at US schools who are participating in a short term (1 month to 1 year) study abroad program in another country as well as those enrolled directly at a foreign school for their degree. Both types are eligible for various financial aid and loan programs.

  • Students in short term abroad programs should check with their school's financial aid office. If they are participating through a third party school, check with the program coordinator.
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  • Students enrolled in foreign schools directly will have to check with that school to verify that they participate in the US student loan programs. The only US federal aid available for those enrolled directly in foreign schools is the Stafford Loan program.

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Loans for International Students in the US

These programs typically require that the international student have a US cosigner. These loans are private funded and approval is based on the cosigner's credit.

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Loans for International Study Worldwide

These programs are offered by local lenders within a students home country to fund international education. Check with your local lending institutions to see what is available.