Stafford Loan Status

Thanks to the website, you now can check your Stafford loan status quickly and easily online. In order to check your information, you will need your social security number and FAFSA PIN for log-in. If you need another copy of your PIN, you can request a duplicate.

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Once you have applied for Stafford loans, you may still need additional funds to cover the entire cost of your education. Please follow the links below to learn more about other student loans and our scholarship programs.

After Checking your Stafford Loan Status, Consider Private Student Loans

A private student loan can be used to help cover additional education related expenses not covered by federal aid. Use it to help cover expense such as tutors, laptops, books, and travel. With competitive rates and zero fees, a private student loan is a great option to help complete your financial aid package.

Start Building Strong Credit

Because of the lack of basic credit education in high school, what students don't know will eventually hurt them. As a new college student, just a few missteps and your blank credit report can suddenly be a bad credit report.